• HR OUTSOURCING AND CONSULTING SERVICES:- We offer flexible staffing solutions to our clients. Manpower for a range of functions can be outsourced from us for whatever period of time required. While outsourcing manpower, we are conscious of the value and quality standards set by our clients. When you are faced with complex and time-consuming ventures, such as HR department start-ups, organizational change, or HRIS implementation, we provide you with the people resources necessary to get the assignment completed effectively. We will work with you to establish the scope of the work, develop timelines, and define deliverables - then we'll provide you with an expert consultant to conduct the project from start to finish.

  • EXTENSIVE SEARCHES:- At Wings HR Solutions, we know that exceptional candidates are not found through conventional means. We creatively source and recruit candidates through networking, referrals, industry and academic associations, and use of online resources. Candidates with proven records of success seek us because of our excellent reputation within the HR community, leadership in professional organizations, and confidence in our ability to assist them. Our Executive Search Division is poised to become a premier executive search organisation catering to your requirements at Senior and Middle Management positions.

  • CREATIVE HIRING OPTIONS:- Wings HR Solutions is your expert source for qualified human resources professionals in all specialties and levels of experience. Contract employees provide support for short-term and long-term assignments, and can be hired onto your payroll for a pre-designated fee. Direct-hire candidates come fee refund and replacement guarantees which is one of the most competitive in the staffing industry.
    " HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT:- Such as Call Center Agents Recruitment & Selection, HR Development, Training and Development, Developing compensation package etc.

  • PAYROLL PROCESSING:- We offer comprehensive and customized payroll processing to our clients. By combining the latest in technology with a knowledgeable, educated staff, Prompt Personnel Consultancy Services is able to provide fast, accurate payroll processing.

  • PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION:- Including Industrial Relations, Personnel Audit, Record Maintenance, Statutory Compliance Matters etc.


    • What is RPO?
      • Like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) before it, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is correctly defined as "outsourcing or contracting out select components/processes within the Recruitment Cycle".
      • Head Hunters, Recruitment Agencies and HR/Corporate Recruitment Teams typically outsource the non-consultative or non-core elements with their Recruitment Process. These may include Internet Research, CV / Resume Screening, Job Board & Internal database searching, Job Posting, CV / Resume Processing and other web based functions.
      • By outsourcing these functions Recruiter's are able to dedicate more time to core-competencies such as Candidate and Hiring Manager interaction and other high value Consultative activities.
      • Free up more of a Recruiters valuable time to interact with candidates and hiring managers.
      • With more time to focus on candidates and hiring managers, Recruiters can offer a much higher level of customer service.
      • Outsource the "grunt" work in the Recruitment Process Cycle.
      • Handle increased work-load by ramping up offshore teams working in shifts. · Get pre-formatted CV's from offshore teams sorted by profiles.
      • With clear defined processes, you are assured of relevant, best-fit, pre-formatted CV's to match your Job Profiles.

    Companies can expand their Recruitment team without any direct employment considerations.



Wings HR Solutions offers consulting services in the areas of:

  • Performance Management: This program will take your annual evaluation process to the next level by examining the skills, knowledge and abilities your current staff members have and linking them to your business needs and objectives.
  • Most organizations focus on an annual evaluation process for employees and call that Performance Management. However, annual evaluations are often subjective and can lack specific measurements and supportive data to help the employee truly improve their behavior.
  • Simply put, a Performance Management System is essential to the success of your organization because it influences the effort expended by employees, which in turn, drives bottom-line business results. Furthermore, the Performance Management System helps an organization identify, recruit, motivate, and retain key employees. An effective Performance Management System should achieve the following:
  • Review the employment cycle of every employee, beginning with the recruiting process, employee development, and ending with effective exit interviews.
  • Link employee's knowledge, skills, and abilities with the organization's human capital needs and business objectives.
  • Provide managers and employees with the tools necessary to focus on short-term and long-term goals that contribute to both career and organizational success.
  • Support the organization in developing and sustaining a culture that recognizes and rewards individual contributions and team performance.
  • Promote a work climate that requires employees to remain flexibly focused. For instance, employees can manage current tasks and unit goals while keeping pace with, and adapting to, change in the work environment.

Wings HR Solutions' Performance Management System consulting is performed in three steps:

1. Needs Analysis
2. Identifying Competencies
3. Development of Performance Management System

A successfully implemented Performance Management System will foster an environment for your organization that encourages employees and managers to effectively learn, solve problems, communicate, and hold each other accountable for success.

For more information about Wings HR Solutions' Performance Management System, please contact us at 91(22)28071437 or via email at

  • Teambuilding: Develop your staff members into cohesive, goal-oriented teams using fun, proven exercises that identify and quantify key relationship-building facets of your work environment.

    Today's workplace requires individuals to work as a team to meet challenging business goals and objectives. However, Wings HR Solutions' research indicates most teams are not as productive because they are lacking a sound process for communicating properly, facilitating meetings, and managing disagreements to reach the best possible solutions.
    Wings HR Solutions has identified that effective teams use positive consensus-building tools to manage conflict and disagreement through effective communication. Furthermore, teams that have little to no conflict are not trying to achieve the best outcome; typically, the team usually agrees with each other as a method of avoiding potential disagreements and conflict.

    Teambuilding is a process designed to uncover real team topics that require attention within a controlled setting. Based on the objectives set by your leadership team and Wings HR Solutions' proven expertise, the Teambuilding Program will accomplish the folloWings critical objectives:

  • Design a customized Teambuilding Program to meet and exceed your goals.
  • Identify the team's current stage of development and desired future state by meeting with senior management.
  • Improve communication by practicing methods to deliver and receive information.
  • Build trust among team members.
  • Provide tools and exercises that change behavior in the workplace.
  • Provide participants with the skills necessary to focus on short-term and long-term goals that contribute to individual and team success.
  • Educate your team by sharing Best Practices of organizations that have successfully integrated Teambuilding Program goals into their performance management systems to ensure visible short-term results and measurable long-term success.
  • Set a timeline with your leadership team in six to nine months to identify how well your company is doing at meeting the goals which were identified at the beginning of the Teambuilding Program.

    Wings HR Solutions' Teambuilding Program is led by experienced facilitators and the exercises are structured in a way that enables team members to easily identify current work-related opportunities for improvement that require immediate attention.

    For more information about Wings HR Solutions' Team Building program, please contact us at 91(22)28071437 or via email at
  • Mentoring: Mentoring cultivates tomorrow's leaders, heightens confidence and trust among managers and employees, improves employee retention and job performance, and helps maintain competitive advantages

    Mentoring cultivates tomorrow's leaders, heightens confidence and trust among managers and employees, improves employee retention and job performance, and helps maintain competitive advantages.

    With Wings HR Solutions' comprehensive ten-step consulting approach, your organization can successfully develop, implement, and evaluate its mentoring program. Furthermore, with the expert guidance of our skilled consultants, your organization will be on its way to developing the necessary skill sets for its future protégés.

    For more information about Wings HR Solutions' Mentoring program, please contact us at 91(22)28071437 or via email at

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention: Inform and train your staff about the behavioral challenges often at the root of sexual harassment, how to identify and respond to harassment when it occurs, and how to prevent it from happening by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect.

    Typically, organizations have a Sexual Harassment policy in place; however, most employees and managers are not fully trained on the specifics of the policy. Your managers, although skilled in many areas of their positions, may not have the experience or knowledge to handle certain topics, such as Sexual Harassment Prevention. Thus, the possibility exists that some employees may be offended by comments and actions from managers and/or coworkers, creating undue tension and employee dissatisfaction.

    As a preventative measure, Wings HR Solutions provides a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training program to ensure that your employees and managers are well informed about the policy, understanding the responsibilities of both employees and managers, and are knowledgeable about the investigation process.

    Wings HR Solutions offers Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all employees, from line-level staff through all levels of management. The primary objectives of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training are to:

  • Outline and clearly define Sexual Harassment, thus improving employee and manager understanding and knowledge of this important subject.
  • Provide information to employees on whom to contact regarding matters of Sexual Harassment.
  • Help managers and employees communicate more professionally and legally with their customers and coworkers.
  • Reduce the risk of stressful situations and dissatisfaction within your workplace.
  • Reduce the possibility of lawsuits.

    The custom design of your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training provides a safe environment for this sensitive subject to be presented.

    For more information about Wings HR Solutions' Sexual Harassment Prevention Training program, please contact us at 91(22)28071437 or via email at